Tuesday 21 May 2013

What colour will you choose?

I recent survey by 3M has shown the shift in wedding dress colour away from traditional white especially for brides under 24 years of age.

10% of the brides would choose a red wedding dress, a vibrant passionate colour with 5% opting for a feminine delicate shade of pink. In an age when brides (and grooms) are more willing to create their perfect day around their tastes and preferences and not be restricted by tradition a themed wedding colour can bring a unique style to your special day.

We want to know what colour you would choose and why??

Many brides go for their birthstone colour or a shade that suits their skintone whilst many grooms like to include the colour of their favourite sports team into the day, let us know your preference regardless of if you are already married, planning your wedding or just have an idea of your dream day!

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