Tuesday 29 April 2014

If you're planning a wedding in South Yorkshire - this is THE place!

We love this review on Trip Advisor from GafaT1000 in March regarding their wedding.

They mention a couple of points that we talk about a lot, the stunning grounds at our venue and the quality of our staff. GafaT1000 actually says;

"All the staff have been so friendly and supportive through the whole process, they really have made the whole thing so easy and they have been a pleasure to work with."

We are delighted to hear this and supports all the work we do to make sure Ringwood Hall Hotel has an enthused and knowledgeable team working on your wedding  
What we like most about this review however is the recognition that our wedding consultants take the time to ask you what you want your special day to be like rather than try and impose our ideas on you. We do have packaged up all inclusive deals available but are well versed at delivering a day that is designed around your unique requirements. 

"It’s the only venue we went to where we were asked what we wanted to do"

We first met GafaT1000 at one of wedding showcases so make sure you visit us on Thursday 15th May between 2 - 7pm if you want to see where you could hold your wedding!

If you cant wait until the next wedding showcase then contact our wedding planners today on 01246 280077 

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