Tuesday 3 June 2014

Perfect Wedding Venue Location. Ticks ALL the Boxes!

We received a Tripadvisor review recently with this as is it's title, it obviously caught our attention!

What was really pleasing about this review was it came from a Trip Advisor user called LesleyDobson who is classed as a senior reviewer and you can assume has a few other venues to judge us against. She described our hotel as "the very best venue I have seen" and spoke highly of the grounds and what a special place it is not only for a reception but to exchange vows also!
Lesley also mentions the wedding packages that we offer at the Hotel. These are a great way to experience a low hassle wedding in a wedding that is unbeatable when in comes to setting. We have a number of different packages, the details of which you can see here on our new look website . We'd encourage you to take a look or contact one of the wedding team on 01246 280077

If you have some feedback regarding then please contact us and let us know what you think

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