Thursday 17 July 2014

Wedding Showcase Monday 21st July

Our next wedding showcase is on Monday, the 21st July

As ever we will be opening the doors to our hotel and inviting prospective couples to come and see both the hotel and the grounds in all their splendour. The event will run between 2pm & 8pm and is completely free to anyone who wants to meet ourselves as well as a handpick group of wedding suppliers. The events are always well received and based on the weather we've been having a great opportunity to enjoy the grounds!
It's always great to get positive feedback and it was also very nice to receive a hand written note recetly when so much of our feedback is given via emails, social media or tripadvisor. Below is a picture of the letter that Mr & Mrs Hartley sent us following the wedding of their daughter. We are delighted to have played such a memorable part in the couple's special day.

If you want to have a day like the Hartley's then why not come and meet us on Monday!

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