Friday 24 April 2015

Choosing Bridesmaids’ Dresses

One quick way to alienate your best friends is to choose dresses for them in an ugly shade or an unflattering fit so that you’ll look better in comparison. Avoid this! The idea should be that the bridesmaids’ look complements that of the bride, without being too similar.

For example, if your wedding dress is a shorter, vintage-inspired 50s gown with a big skirt, you wouldn’t want to put your bridesmaids in flowing Grecian dresses would you? It’s all about harmony.

Remember too that (and we’re assuming you’re using adult bridesmaids) you’re dealing with grown women with different body shapes- some might be curvy, others thin, one 5”1 and another 5”10. If this is the case, you might want to choose an overall theme and colour for your bridesmaids -lilac silk dresses, say- and let each woman choose a style that flatters her figure.

Pull the whole thing together with everyone is the same shoes, and the overall look will be attractive and charming without being too matchy-matchy: perfect for your big day, as uncomfortable bridesmaids will detract from the beauty of your photographs! 

While the day will definitely be your own, don’t forget to take your bridesmaids’ opinions into consideration. Perhaps take them shopping with you, and let them try a few things on if time permits. Classic pale blues, creamy yellows, blush pinks and lilacs are all flattering colours for most complexions, and ideal for a spring or summer weddings in our glorious gardens and marquees!

Bolder colours and vintage nude shades can be harder to pull off, but chosen tactfully, they can look amazing and add a brilliant pop of colour to the day and have more of a ‘evening feel, especially within our stunning Victorian dressed rooms for the reception.

Another thing to consider is the accessories. Have your bridesmaids’ overall look echo the feel of the day: if you’re planning a bohemian, whimsical wedding, think about flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair for a hint of festival chic.

For more formal settings, consider elegant one-shoulder full-length dresses for your bridesmaids: this look is very classy and will date well. Pearls are a fail-safe option for wedding jewellery, and shoes in a contrasting colour to the main dress can be very striking. Some boutiques also specialise in matching dresses with adaptable necklines, meaning that the same dress can be worn in a crossover style, with a plunging neckline, or with a dropped waist to create the illusion of curves!

One thing is for sure – whatever your wedding style, Ringwood Hall Hotel can accommodate your special day beautifully! Call our wedding team on 01246 280077

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