Wednesday 10 June 2015

Country versus city weddings: Which is right for you?

Choosing where to have your wedding can be a crucial decision for many couples. Do you go back to your childhood homes? If so, will it be to hers or his? Do you stay where you live now, or go somewhere new entirely? Should you escape to the romance of the countryside, or make the most of city chic?

 Countryside romance

Country weddings can offer rolling hills, gorgeous scenery and some stunning opportunities for natural, beautiful photographs. Large manor house and country hotel venues will offer plenty of space for you and your guests, and most will have overnight accommodation options to make travelling home less of an issue.

However, the distance can be a problem for some. Family located in the cities may be reluctant to make the trip into the wilds of Yorkshire or other rural areas to attend, which could exclude some important people from coming to your special day. On the upside, however, countryside weddings tend to be marginally cheaper than city centre venues, so you might have spare budget to splash out on a mini bus.

City chic

Cities are traditionally more expensive, but depending on your needs and the size of your party, you can usually find an option to suit your budget. With excellent transport links, your guests will find it easier to make the journey for your wedding day if they’re using public transport. However, do check with the venue about the parking situation, as many city locations will struggle to accommodate a lot of cars.

You might not find the natural beauty in a city location that you would in a rural retreat, but that doesn’t mean your photos will be any less amazing. City landmarks, urban street shots and gritty warehouse locations can make for breath-taking photos too, and with plenty of modern services at your disposal, from bands to caterers, you’ll find lots to love about a city wedding venue.

Best of both worlds?

There are lots of pros and cons to both a city and a country focussed wedding, and a lot of the decision will come down to personal choice. Sometimes there will have to be a compromise, unless, of course, you can find that elusive venue that ticks all your boxes. But is it actually possible to have your wedding cake and eat it too?

We think so.

Here at the Ringwood Hall Hotel, we believe we offer the perfect midpoint between the two types of venues. Located just a short distance from the cities of Sheffield and Nottingham, couples can enjoy all the choice and convenience of a city wedding, whilst still getting married amid 6 acres of formal gardens, and a further 29 acres of parkland beyond that.

Find out more about weddings at Ringwood Hall, and see how we blend country romance and city chic into a perfect wedding package.

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