Wednesday 7 October 2015

Stretch It Out. In Favor Of The Three Day Wedding

We’ve all traveled to that wedding where we arrived just in time for the ceremony and left after a quick brunch the next day. Was it worth it? Probably. Did you get any quality time with the bride and groom and their loved ones? Probably not. Did you get to explore the cool place you just traveled to? Highly unlikely.

The three day wedding just might be the solution. If your guests are getting in a car and driving a distance or traveling on a plane, why not make the event into a real get-a-way for them? And I don’t mean a packaged destination wedding on a tropical island—that’s something else entirely. I’m talking about inviting all your guests to spend at least three days on your turf. 

Spread the wedding events out and let your friends and family relax and get to know each other in the process. With all this time for casual conversation and meandering around your town or city, your celebration will build camaraderie and love as the days go on. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Here’s a sample itinerary:

Thursday Night: Rehearsal Dinner—keep it small and intimate. Momentum will build.

Friday Late Afternoon/Evening: Backyard BBQ. At your house, in the park or at your wedding venue, whatever’s easy. Encourage out of town guest to arrive in time for the BBQ. Casual food and drinks are shared and the stage is set for the weekend.

Saturday: Explore the local town. Let your guests go out on their own while you get yourself ready. Suggest your favorite brunch spot, hike or not to miss bakery.

Saturday Evening: Wedding ceremony and reception. Here comes the bride.

Sunday: Brunch open house. Invite everyone over to your house or again at the wedding venue for a buffet brunch. By that time everyone will be friends, have shared some laughs, some drinks, maybe some tears, and will have a good sense of how you’re all connected.

Your wedding is about you and your commitment to your partner. It is a celebration of this commitment. But isn’t it also about getting the people you love together to have a fun weekend? 

If you can stretch the wedding out over a few days and let your guests relax into the experience, the deeper their connection will be to your wedding, forever. And probably the more likely it will be for them to come back and visit you on your turf that they’ve grown to love.

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